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Name of Body Parts NamesImportance of Body Parts
1. BrainThinks, Observe & Controls whole body.
2. EyesSee, observe and send to brain.
3. Eye BrowProtects eyes from sweat.
4. NoseBreathe & Smell.
5. TongueTaste, helps to speak.
6. TeethChew the food.
7. MouthSpeak, Eat & Taste
Helps in Breathe also.
8. ChinSupports lower face structure
9. HairGrow, protect scalp.
Make person look Good
10. NeckSwallow food, support head & Turn.
11. EarDetect Sound, Hear
12. ShoulderLift, carry, rotate arms.
13. ChestProtect organs, breathe deeply.
14. StomachDigest food, store nutrients
& expels waste through the intestines.
15. HandsGrasp, manipulate, Hold objects.
16. ElbowHelp hands to Bend, extend
& rotate forearm.
17. FingersGrip, touch, handle objects.
18. ThumbOppose, grasp, feel objects
19. PalmTouch, feel, support objects.
20. LegsHelps to Walk, Run by
supporting body weight.
21. ThighBend, extend, support legs.
22. KneeBend, straighten, support Legs.
23. ToeBalance, support, push off.
24. FootWalk, run, balance, support legs & body.

5 Sense Organs Of Body with Images For Kids :

Name of Sense OrgansImportance of Sense Organs & Importance
25. EyesHelps see around & objects
26. EarsHelp to listen to sounds.
27. TongueTaste yummy, healthy foods.
28. NoseHelps to Smell.
29. SkinHelps to feel touch
feel hot & cold.

Internal Body Parts Names with Images For Kids

Name of Internal Body PartsImportance of Body Parts
30. BrainControls Body parts movements,
thoughts and emotions.
31. HeartBlood pumping for whole body.
32. LungsHelps in breathing, for exchanging
Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.
33. LiverStores Nutrients, Produces Bile, Filters blood.
34. KidneyFilter waste from the blood, produce urine.
35. StomachDigests food, breaks it down into nutrients.
36. IntestineHelps to absorb nutrients from digested food.
37. DiaphragmHelps in breathing, separates chest from abdomen.
38. SpleenStores white blood cells & Filters blood.
39. GallbladderStores bile produced by the liver.
40. PancreasProduces digestive enzymes and insulin.
41. BladderStores Urines until it’s emptied.
42. Blood VesselsTubes that transport blood throughout the body.
43. ThymusGland that produces white blood cells and helps with immune function.
44. Adrenal GlandsProduce hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.
45. Pituitary GlandMaster gland that controls other endocrine glands and produces hormones.
46. Thyroid GlandRegulates metabolism and produces thyroid hormones.
47. Gallbladder DuctsTubes that carry bile from the liver and gallbladder to the small intestine.
48. RectumStores solid waste before elimination.
49. EsophagusTube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach.

Body Bone Parts NamesImportance of Body Bone Parts Names
50. SkullProtects the brain, forms the head.
51. ClavicleCollarbone, connects shoulder to sternum.
52. ScapulaShoulder blade, helps arm movement.
53. Rib cageProtects organs, supports breathing.
54. Spinal columnBackbone, supports body, protects spinal cord.
55. HumerusUpper arm bone, connects shoulder to elbow.
56. UinaForearm bone, along with radius.
57. PelvisHip bone, supports body weight.
58. RadiusForearm bone, along with ulna.
59. FemurThigh bone, supports body weight.
60. FibulaLower leg bone, beside tibia.
61. TibiaShinbone, supports body weight, connects knee to ankle.

Exploring External Parts of human body :

Our body has many external parts that help us interact with the world around us. Starting from the top, we have the head, which houses our amazing brain. Our brain helps us think, remember, and feel emotions.

Next, we have our eyes, which allow us to see the beautiful colors and shapes in our world. Ears help us hear the sweet melodies of music and the chirping of birds. Nose helps us smell the delicious aroma of our favorite foods. Our mouth helps us taste yummy treats and speak with our friends and family. And don’t forget about your skin, which lets you feel the warmth of the sun and the softness of a puppy’s fur!

Discovering Internal Parts of human body :

Now, let’s delve deeper into our bodies to explore the incredible internal parts that keep us healthy and strong. First, we have our mighty heart. It pumps blood throughout our body, delivering oxygen and nutrients to every cell. Our lungs help us breathe in fresh air and exchange it for life-giving oxygen.

The stomach is like a powerful blender, breaking down our food into tiny pieces so our body can absorb all the nutrients. The intestines are like a sponge, soaking up all the good stuff our body needs.

Our kidneys work tirelessly to filter waste from our blood and produce urine to remove it from our bodies. The bladder holds onto this urine until we’re ready to let it go. Deep inside, we have the brain, our control center, which coordinates all of our body’s activities. The liver is like a superhero, filtering our blood and producing bile to help digest fats. The pancreas produces special juices to help break down our food, and it also makes insulin, which helps control our blood sugar levels.

Finally, our bones are like the sturdy frame of a house, providing support and protection for our organs and allowing us to move and play.


The human body is an incredible masterpiece, with each part playing a vital role in keeping us alive and well. By learning about our internal and external parts, we can better understand and appreciate the amazing machine that is our body. So let’s take care of ourselves and marvel at the wonder of our own bodies every day!

Exploring Our Sense Organs of human body and Bones!

Have you ever wondered how you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the world around you? Or how your body can move and play? Let’s embark on an exciting journey to discover the incredible sense organs and bones that make it all possible!

Eyes: Our eyes are like magic windows that let us see the beautiful colors and shapes around us. They help us watch movies, read books, and play games with friends.

Ears: With our ears, we can listen to the sounds of nature, like birds chirping and leaves rustling in the wind. We can also enjoy music, hear our friends talking, and even hear our own heartbeat!

Nose: Our nose is like a super-sniffer that can detect all sorts of smells, from yummy cookies baking in the oven to fragrant flowers blooming in the garden.

Tongue: With our tongue, we can taste delicious flavors like sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. It helps us enjoy our favorite foods and drinks and tells us when something is yummy or yucky!

Skin: Our skin is like a soft blanket that covers our whole body. It lets us feel the warmth of the sun, the coolness of a breeze, and the gentle touch of a loved one’s hand.

Bones – Our Body’s Building Blocks:

Now, let’s talk about the strong and sturdy bones that give our body shape and support.

Skull: Our skull is like a protective helmet that keeps our brain safe. It’s the hard shell that covers our head and lets us think, learn, and imagine.

Rib Cage: Imagine a cage around your chest that protects your heart and lungs. That’s your rib cage! It’s made of strong bones that keep your insides safe.

Spinal Column: Your spine is like a long, bony snake that runs down your back. It helps you stand tall, bend, and twist. It’s also the highway that carries messages from your brain to the rest of your body.

Femur: Your femur is the longest bone in your body, like a giant pillar that supports your upper body when you stand and walk.

Pelvis: Your pelvis is like a sturdy bowl that holds your organs in place and helps you sit, stand, and walk.


Our sense organs and bones are like the superheroes of our body, working together to help us experience the world and move with ease. By learning about these amazing parts, we can better understand and appreciate the incredible machine that is our body. So let’s take care of ourselves and marvel at the wonder of our own senses and bones every day!

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