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Unveiling the secrets of the human body. Ever wondered how our body functions, how we can see and listen to things how we can taste delicious food, what happened to the food that we eat and many more. In the below article we are going to discuss parts of the human body and it’s functionality how each part coordinate with each other to make a perfect ecosystem so let’s start it.

External Body Parts Names with Images For Kids

These parts help us interact with the world that’s surrounding to us. They help us to move, jump, listen, touch and fell the world around us.

  • Head: Begin with top we have a head, which protect most crucial part of our body that is brain. 
  • Sense Organ: There are 5 sense organs in human body, which helps us to see, smell, listen, taste, touch and feel. Given below are the name and function of every sense organ.
  • Internal body parts
  • external body parts
  • bone names

5 Sense Organs Of Body with Images For Kids :

Eyes: The two balls with black dot in our face yes, those are our eyes which helps us to see things (colors, light, objects) around us.

Ears: Ever wonder the two bulging out pieces of flesh yes, those are our ears which help us to listen the sound. Because of your ears you are able to listening music and your favorite cartoons.

Nose: The bulging triangle outside our face yes, this is our nose and it’s function is to smell fragrance or stickiness around us which further helps us to differentiate between fresh and rotten things.

Tongue: The piece of flesh always moving here and there inside our mouth we called it tongue. It helps us to taste food and to speak properly. With the help of tongue you can differentiate between tasty and nasty food. Also if you’re unable to speak proper words then try some tongue twister.

Skin: Skin is like a wrapper which covers your entire body. Ever wonder why you are able to feel hot and cold sensation this is because of your skin. Also skin is the largest organ of human body.

Internal Body Parts Names with Images For Kids

Now let’s discuss about internal body parts which is also known as internal organs of human body. These may not visible to us but play a vital role in functioning of our body.

Brain : It is the controller of our body. It controls our movement, calmness, anger, each. Brain helps us to make decisions.

 Heart : Heart is like a pumping machine which pumps blood through our body, delivering oxygen and nutrients to every single cell. Also there is saying that our emotions are controlled by our heart.

Lungs : It Helps us to take fresh air in and release carbon dioxide out. 

Liver : It produces liquid called bile which helps our intestine to further breakdown food and absorb all the nutrients in our body. Liver is also like a storehouse of our body which store excess glucose(sugar) and excess minerals and release accordingly as per body requirement.

Pancreas : It tells your liver weather the blood glucose level is lower (by producing insulin hormone) or the blood glucose level is higher (by producing glucagon). Besides it also releases some enzymes to small intestine which helps the further breakdown of food.

Stomach : It is your tummy and like a grinder which had some juices which helps in breakdown of food into smaller chunks so that our intestine does not have to do lot of work.

Small intestine :

Large intestine : This tube of flesh contains good bacteria which help to breakdown food and extract remaining nutrients, which get absorbed by large intestine and the remaining are is waste (Feces).

Kidney : Those are like two rajma beans inside your back. They are like blood purifying machine installed in our body.

Conclusion Internal Parts of human body :

The human body is an incredible masterpiece, with each part playing a vital role in keeping us kicking and well. By learning about our inner and external parts, we can better understand the amazing machine that is our body. So, let us take care of ourselves and our marvelous body every day.

Human Body Bone Names with Images For Kids

Now, let’s talk about the strong and sturdy bones that give our body shape and support.

Skull: Skull is the container of brain which protect it from external damage. Fun Fact is there is a layer of liquid between brain and skull which provide cushioning to brain.

Rib Cage: It is around Chest which helps to protects our heart and lungs. That’s called Rib Cage

Upper arm bone : Humerus are Upper arm bone .

Forearm Bone : Radus and Ulna are Forehead bones.

Wrist Bone : Carpal are Wrist Bone.

Femur: Group of bones consist of thigh bone. It is longest bone in human body which helps your Upper body, like when you stand and walk it supports like a pillar

Scapula : Scapula are Shoulder bone.

Patella : Kneecap

Spinal Column: Also known as vertebral columns is a collection of 7 different bones called vertebrates. Its function is to provide protection to our spinal chord and structure to our upper body.

Metacalps : Metacalps are hand bone.

Upper Limb : These group of bones consist of choler bone (clavicle the hanger like bone between our Sholder), Sholder bone (scapula), upper arm bone(humerus), forearm bones (radius, ulna), wrist bones(carpals), hand bones (metacarpals), and figure bones(phalanges)

Lower Limbs : These group of bones consist of thigh bone (femur), kneecap (patella), lower leg bones (tibia, fibula), ankle bones (tarsals), foot bones (metatarsals). And toe bones(phalanges)

Phalanges : Toe Bones.

Metatarsals : Foot Bones.

Tarsals : Ankle Bones.

Hip bones : Connect the lower limbs to axial bones (ilium, ischium, pubis).

Phalanges : Phalanges are figure bone.

Pelvis: Your pelvis is like a sturdy bowl that holds your organs in place and helps you sit, stand, and walk.

Conclusion Of Bones Names in Human Body :

Our sense limbs and bones be like superheroes of our body, working together to help us and move smooth-like-butter. By learning about these amazing parts, we can better savvy and savor the incredible machine that is our body. So let’s take care of ourselves and marvel at the wonder of our own senses and bones every day

Importance of Body parts and Their names.

Name of Body Parts NamesImportance of Body Parts
1. BrainThinks, Observe & Controls whole body.
2. EyesSee, observe and send to brain.
3. Eye BrowProtects eyes from sweat.
4. NoseBreathe & Smell.
5. TongueTaste, helps to speak.
6. TeethChew the food.
7. MouthSpeak, Eat & Taste
Helps in Breathe also.
8. ChinSupports lower face structure
9. HairGrow, protect scalp.
Make person look Good
10. NeckSwallow food, support head & Turn.
11. EarDetect Sound, Hear
12. ShoulderLift, carry, rotate arms.
13. ChestProtect organs, breathe deeply.
14. StomachDigest food, store nutrients
& expels waste through the intestines.
15. HandsGrasp, manipulate, Hold objects.
16. ElbowHelp hands to Bend, extend
& rotate forearm.
17. FingersGrip, touch, handle objects.
18. ThumbOppose, grasp, feel objects
19. PalmTouch, feel, support objects.
20. LegsHelps to Walk, Run by
supporting body weight.
21. ThighBend, extend, support legs.
22. KneeBend, straighten, support Legs.
23. ToeBalance, support, push off.
24. FootWalk, run, balance, support legs & body.

Exploring Our Sense Organs of human body and Bones!

Have you ever wondered how you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the world around you? Or how your body can move and play? Let’s embark on an exciting journey to discover the incredible sense organs and bones that make it all possible!

Importance of Sense Organs human body :

Name of Sense OrgansImportance of Sense Organs & Importance
25. EyesHelps see around & objects
26. EarsHelp to listen to sounds.
27. TongueTaste yummy, healthy foods.
28. NoseHelps to Smell.
29. SkinHelps to feel touch
feel hot & cold.

Importance of Internal Body Parts of human body :

Name of Internal Body PartsImportance of Body Parts
30. BrainControls Body parts movements,
thoughts and emotions.
31. HeartBlood pumping for whole body.
32. LungsHelps in breathing, for exchanging
Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.
33. LiverStores Nutrients, Produces Bile, Filters blood.
34. KidneyFilter waste from the blood, produce urine.
35. StomachDigests food, breaks it down into nutrients.
36. IntestineHelps to absorb nutrients from digested food.
37. DiaphragmHelps in breathing, separates chest from abdomen.
38. SpleenStores white blood cells & Filters blood.
39. GallbladderStores bile produced by the liver.
40. PancreasProduces digestive enzymes and insulin.
41. BladderStores Urines until it’s emptied.
42. Blood VesselsTubes that transport blood throughout the body.
43. ThymusGland that produces white blood cells and helps with immune function.
44. Adrenal GlandsProduce hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.
45. Pituitary GlandMaster gland that controls other endocrine glands and produces hormones.
46. Thyroid GlandRegulates metabolism and produces thyroid hormones.
47. Gallbladder DuctsTubes that carry bile from the liver and gallbladder to the small intestine.
48. RectumStores solid waste before elimination.
49. EsophagusTube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach.

Name and Importance of Bone in human body :

Body Bone Parts NamesImportance of Body Bone Parts Names
50. SkullProtects the brain, forms the head.
51. ClavicleCollarbone, connects shoulder to sternum.
52. ScapulaShoulder blade, helps arm movement.
53. Rib cageProtects organs, supports breathing.
54. Spinal columnBackbone, supports body, protects spinal cord.
55. HumerusUpper arm bone, connects shoulder to elbow.
56. UinaForearm bone, along with radius.
57. PelvisHip bone, supports body weight.
58. RadiusForearm bone, along with ulna.
59. FemurThigh bone, supports body weight.
60. FibulaLower leg bone, beside tibia.
61. TibiaShinbone, supports body weight, connects knee to ankle.

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